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Tejidos Especiales

Only a few minutes to rescue the black box. We need someone who has effective protection against small arms and rifles. The machine indicates Tejidos Especiales with their solutions developed with Kevlar® and Tensylon® for that mission. The danger is great, but we are safe.


The combination of Kevlar ® and Tensylon ® is perfect. Kevlar ® offers an incredible resistance due to the aramid fiber. Tensylon ® products are capable to resist different situations, based on costs, performance, and weight.

Along with DuPont de Nemour, an American company that produces KEVLAR® aramid fiber, a study was conducted for the development and weaving of this fiber used throughout the world today, among many other applications, in the shielding for protection of people and vehicles.

The products are manufactured with the latest technology and updated information on trends and uses of Kevlar ®.