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Glágio do Brasil

Being precise is the guarantee to make it out alive. Vest, helmets, ballistic fabrics and plates form a great defense arsenal. Everything is provided by Glágio do Brasil to make sure the soldiers are fully protected and complete the task safe and sound.


Glágio offers two kinds of helmets. One for maximum sensorial and situational perception to the users, increasing the capacity of hearing in the field, the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH). And the Personal Protection System Helmet (PPSH)  that allows users to attach accessories. Ergonomically designed, it provides comfort in combat zones. Both are made of aramid.

All ballistic fabrics are resistant to adverse conditions, have high ballistic and puncture resistance, and are made to reduce traumas. They mold and adapt to the different vests Glágio carries in their portfolio: spike, tactical, floating, and ballistic vests.

The company offers three types of ballistic plates: PE 510, PE 520 e PE 550. Each one of them is designed with a curve to adapt to the body, which reduces the plates’ weight and provides comfort throughout the day.  All products are resistant to UV radiation, water, light, temperature changes, acid, and oils.

Glágio do Brasil provides protection for arial, terrestrial and naval vehicles. The shielding solutions can be external or internal, fixed or removable, depending on the structural requirements and specifications of different surfaces.

With six types of vests, Glágio do Brasil has a wide range in order to provide protection for different situations, from tactical missions to private security, the company covers all areas.