Being Precise

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It is a corporate environment, but don’t be mistaken: everyone involved must be on their toes in order for the task to be successful. Even though it is not in the midst of an urban jungle, the mission requires speed, precision, and protection, which is provided by Comtec.


Always focusing on innovation, the ballistic fabrics are manufactured with high-quality materials, and in accordance with technical standards. In order to attest how good they are, all products go through ballistic tests.

All ballistic panels for automotive protection are manufactured with Kevlar® or Tensylon®, and they present high-capacity to absorb different types of impacts. In addition to that, they are developed with advanced technological resources.

There are solutions for naval, automotive, aerial and personal protection. All of them have the technology and quality of Kevlar® and Tensylon®, which guarantees protection against high- risk threats or low risks situations.