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Smart Strategy

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Carolina Performance Fabrics

For this mission, soldiers will have to go against a group armed with rifles in order to rescue the black box. They have to be strategic and use equipment capable to resist strong impacts such as body armors, ballistic plates, and bulletproof vests. All provided by Carolina Performance Fabrics.


Every single product is manufactured with aramid fiber and strong fabrics that resist to high-level impact and attest to durability.

During the manufacturing process, the DuPont Kevlar® fiber is covered with polyurethane: a technique used to protect against humidity and heat. In addition, it provides more flexibility to the material.

Built with several layers of DuPont Kevlar® and DuPont Tensylon®, the ballistic plates mold and adapt to different surfaces. All fabrics offer maximum protection.

Manufactured with high pressure, using several layers of Kevlar® 745 de DuPont and an adhesive polymer which will prevent the panels from tearing apart during or after the shielding process. The panels adopt and mold to the different shapes of the vehicles