Interview, Tejidos Especiales

Tejidos Especiales: first to work with Kevlar® aramid fiber in Colombia


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*In a series of interviews conducted by Smart Kevlar® Review, security, protection and defense executives from Brazil, Colombia and Mexico share their stories and talk about their experience working in the industry

After visiting Brazil and Mexico, Smart Kevlar® Review arrives in Colombia. Tejidos Especiales, like Inbra Filter, in Brazil, was built by the Moscoso family. Family administration has led the company to be a strong competitor in the Colombian protection market. Rocio Moscoso, commercial director of Tejidos Especiales, proudly tells her story and that of her family’s. “We have been textile workers for 30 years and in 1990 our country faced a particular situation of violence. At the time, Colombia had three armorers and a producer of bulletproof vests, which imported all of their raw materials”.

At that moment, DuPont was looking for a local company to work with Kevlar® and “we were selected to start the weaving process,” points out Moscoso.

Protection Industry

Since 1995, the company has been active in vehicle and personal protection and working with DuPont means having the best product at hand. “DuPont is a very well-known company worldwide for its technological innovation and high-quality products,” says the executive.

One attribute that the director emphasizes is the responsibility with which aramid fiber is produced and handled. “Everyone who comes in contact with Kevlar® has done it responsibly, generating a lot of trust in users because it is a product whose main purpose is saving lives,” she says.

Trends, challenges and opportunities

Looking at the future, the director indicates lightweight materials and integral solutions in the field of vehicle armor as business trends. And moving forward, she lists local challenges to overcome: unregulated ammunition, specific threats, and new competing materials. But the challenging side also opens up opportunities, as the “regional market continues to demand civil and government protection,” she concludes.

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