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DuPont plays a central role in the Latin American protection market


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Ramón Mariscal Leal, Latin America Sales Director and Head of Regional Construction and Safety at DuPont, spoke with Smart Kevlar® Review about the potential of the Latin American ballistic protection market. According to him, not only the countries in Latin America, but “the world is facing many levels of threats against shrapnel, weapons, ammunition and sharp objects”.

Therefore, police forces and the common population must be protected against these dangers. With a global vision, the executive reveals that the industry is moving towards affordable solutions for different types of publics, developed with modern technological resources.

The Smart Kevlar Review: What are the prospects for the Latin American protection market?
Ramón Mariscal:  The ballistic protection market is growing. The world is facing many levels of threats against shrapnel, weapons, ammunition and sharp objects.

SKR: What are the protection solutions available on the market?
RM: Our police and military riot reaction forces and army teams have a variety of applications and features according to the risks. We are very aware of this scenario and developing technologies to meet the needs and protect against each of the different dangers.

SKR: What is the industry’s main challenge in Latin America?
RM: How to ensure that we bring innovation from different parts of the world to Latin America and that products are at a global level of competitiveness. It can be said that DuPontTM bridges this gap between products from international markets such as North America, Europe and Asia, and customer needs.

SKR: How do you look at the market today?
RM: It is a very dynamic market where the key factors to rely on are: how does the solution help to reduce people’s fatigue, how can protection be more comfortable and with the right balance of weight and durability to minimize fatigue from the police forces without losing movement while fighting the threats.

SKR: How do you see the automotive armor business?
RM: Automotive armor represents one of the greatest opportunities for innovation in the Latin American market and in the world. For over 30 years, the market has been served with one type of armor, one type of production. DuPontTM is working on bringing three or four types of innovative products based on coaxial technologies, new resins and impregnations that help solve major challenges in this industry, such as reducing vehicle weight so that engine and inside wear to be minimized. Another major challenge is to increase protection against piercing objects, grenades or any type of threat being faced. And the third is to make these solutions accessible to all consumers. DuPontTM armor not only protects politicians or other high-ranking people, it is accessible to all audiences. We are about to launch three or four automotive-focused products that will revolutionize weight, protection and accessibility.


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