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DuPont and Carolina Performance Fabrics: dynamic problems require dynamic solutions


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Ryan Reed has dedicated the past 15 years to projects related to life protection and solutions for industrial processes regarding defense, mainly to US military and Allied Nations.

Currently, as vice president of development at Carolina Performance Fabrics, he believes his experience in the segment can make a difference. “I have worked in several programs, from vehicle infrastructure for personal protection for the United Nations to US military e Allies”, affirms Reed. And he highlights the importance of implementing his expertise in Mexico.

Differences between markets 

One of the main differences between American and Mexican markets relies on the application of technology for life protection and defense. “The matter in Mexico is local, and it is good to be able to see the impact of what we are doing on the streets, airports and terminals we go through every day”.

The executive also believes that, for this specific market, staying at the forefront of technology is very important. After all, “the world is always evolving, everything is very dynamic. You never know if today´s problem will be the same the next day. Therefore, companies with great global experience, such as DuPont and La Carolina, need to foresee problems”.


For the current scenario, thinking about the evolution of materials, it is important to develop a partnership that will bring excellence to all the productive chain. “The vertical integration DuPont and La Carolina have is unique because of their combined capacity of product development and application of ballistic testing, for example”, says Ryan.

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