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Automotive shielding: overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities


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Executive with vast experience in marketing and business management, Mariscal can be considered an expert in delivering results and developing people. With these abilities, he has a very wide view of what the market of protection and defense is like.

 Scenario: challenges and opportunities

Automotive shielding represents one of the largest opportunities within the segment of life protection, especially when it comes to technology, in South America and worldwide.

However, the biggest challenge is to reduce weight and, at the same time, increase protection against any type of threat: from piercing objects to grenades. “Another topic that is important to mention is how to make these solutions available to all consumers and the general public”, says Mariscal while reinforcing that DuPont´s products are available not only for politicians, but for everyone who would like to benefit from what automotive shielding has to offer.

Latin America and the protection industry

In another interview for Smart Kevlar Review about the potential of the ballistic market in Latin America, the executive spoke about overall perspectives. “It is a very dynamic industry where the main factors to rely on are: solutions to reduce people´s fatigue, in a way that protection can be comfortable and balanced considering weight and durability, without loss of movements while fighting threats”, concludes Mariscal.

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