Carolina Group, Interview

Carolina Performance Fabrics is a market leader for welcoming transformations


Álvaro Fuentes Quintana, director of ballistic division
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In a series of interviews conducted by The Smart Kevlar® Review, security, safety and defense executives from Brazil, Colombia and Mexico share their stories and talk about their experience on operating in the industry

Carolina Performance Fabrics is the leader in the Mexican market. With over 100 years of history, the company is specialized in technical textile products, structures designed to be used in products, processes or services in almost all industrial areas, such as defense and security. To reach the top, its timeline is ambitious and highlights the aptitude for changing that comes along with it to date. The origins of the business date back to 1845 and the company underwent many changes to take the prominent position it holds today.

Carolina Group was created in 1992 and joined the operations of La Carolina y Reforma, Alta Lana and Textil La Marina Group. Later, in 2002, Carolina Performance Fabrics was created with the purpose of developing, producing and marketing protective fabrics.

Business Changes

“Carolina Ballistic was created in 2008 and specializes in ballistic protection of vehicular and architectural armor,” explains Alvaro Fuentes Quintana, director of the Carolina Ballistic. The following year, Carolina Group joined its operations in two divisions: Technical Textiles Division (Carolina Performance) and Apparel Division (Carolina Apparel).

He has been closely monitoring this movement for 11 years, watching the evolution of the processes and is proud of how the materials used in each product are of high quality, which keeps the company constantly ahead. “We always use original products, which are the best we can offer to the market,” says the director. “One example is vehicle armor solutions, which are faster and have better ballistic performance,” exemplifies Fuentes Quintana.

“We are currently the market leader thanks to the diversity of products and solutions focused on vehicle shielding. We invest in new technologies to deliver the best solutions, best performance and competitive costs,” emphasizes the executive when talking about the portfolio. Changing is part of the core of the company, which already adapts its business to the opportunities and trends of the protection industry, always handling everything responsibly and working with the best materials.

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