How the protection industry responds to threats?


Reading Time: 4 minutes Marcelo Fonseca, DuPont executive, talks about what to expect from the industry when it comes to developing automotive armor and vests. Solutions need to combine level of protection, durability and price

Carolina Performance Fabrics is a market leader for welcoming transformations

Reading Time: 2 minutes Carolina Group stands out in Mexico's protection industry due to its portfolio diversity and high-performance solutions. Alvaro Fuentes Quintana, director of ballistic division, highlights the company's pioneering spirit

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Multi-threat scenario: how Brazil and Mexico deal with this matter

Reading Time: 2 minutes Public safety issues in both countries affect police work and the general population

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Tejidos Especiales: first to work with Kevlar® aramid fiber in Colombia

Reading Time: 2 minutes The history of the Colombian company Tejidos Especiales intersects with the introduction of Kevlar® in the country. Rocio Moscoso, commercial director of the company, tells how it all started

Interview, Tejidos Especiales


Successful DNA: InbraFiltro Group stands out with family tradition and innovation

Reading Time: 4 minutes Claudia Candido, Marketing and Relationship Director at InbraFiltro Group, highlights her family's successful path in Brazil's ballistic protection history

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DuPont and Carolina Performance Fabrics: dynamic problems require dynamic solutions

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ryan Reed, vice president of business development at Carolina Performance Fabrics, talks about challenges within the protection and defense market

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Automotive shielding: overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ramón Mariscal, Latin America Sales Director and Head of Regional Construction and Safety at DuPont, explains what are the challenges for automotive shielding

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DuPont plays a central role in the Latin American protection market

Reading Time: 2 minutes The future of the protection industry relies on technology to develop products that meet the demands of law enforcement and the general population

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