Moving targets

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The black box is hidden inside an abandoned bus. Soldiers arrive at night and are not welcomed with kindness. In fact, they are moving targets! How will they protect themselves? With tactical vests and ballistic panels made from Kevlar® fiber, manufactured by Arsenal.


Designed to meet the necessities of special forces, all models cover a major part of the body and their system of ballistic protection is removable to ensure more comfort in case of impact.

As efficient as tactical vests, options made to meet the requirements for public security are ready to absorb major impact as well. The materials are light and provide a freshness sensation throughout the day.

For this category, vests are designed based on what instructors and professionals who work in the private security sector need: products offer versatility and resilience.

Ballistic panels are elaborated with Kevlar® fiber. They take under consideration the anatomy of men and women, prioritizing comfort. Also, they come with an anti-impact system.