Powerful Allies

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Armor Life Lab (All)

One more mission to recover the black box, another day for our brave soldiers to face a hostile situation. They have tactical vehicles, helmets and ergonomic vests from Amor Life Lab (All) as their allies to go through their long journey in the middle of a conflict zone.


The products in this line are made for military instructors or tactical groups that require specific protection, without disturbing the functionality of the clothing. The vests are produced with the highest technology, and have ballistic plates in the front and in the back.

The equipment is designed for those who face long journeys and, therefore, were developed with ergonomics and weight in mind. The models have a Molle system on the shoulders, bags and ballistic plates in the front and in the back, and optional bags concealed.

Discretion is a priority when it comes to the safety of civilians and VIP users. The armor in these vests is discreet and comfortable because the materials are light and practically imperceptible.

Helmets, riot gear and tactical vehicles are an important part of the portfolio, and mostly used by military and tactical forces. Everything is prepared to endure high-level impacts.