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Connected Intelligence

In every episode, our soldiers have one important mission to accomplish: recover the black box! They will face great danger in the middle of urban conflicts and hostile situations. However, they are protected by shields, vests, helmets and tactical vehicles. All bulletproofed and manufactured with innovative techniques and high-quality materials by InbraFiltro Group, Carolina Performance Fabrics, Arsenal, Amor Life Lab (All), Glágio do Brasil, WKR, Comtec and Tejidos Especiales: renowned cutting-edge companies with proven expertise in protecting lives.

The brave groups will also follow instructions given by the Machine to know exactly how to act in every scenario and protect themselves along the way. Enjoy the ride and come along for eight adventurous and exciting episodes!

Ep. 01 - InbraFiltro Group

On the first mission to retrieve the black box, soldiers rely on high-end bulletproof vests, shields, and helmets provided by InbraFiltro Group.

Ep. 02 - Carolina Performance Fabrics

For this mission, the soldiers will have to go against a group armed with rifles in order to rescue the black box.

Ep. 03 - Arsenal

The black box is hidden inside an abandoned bus. Soldiers arrive at night and are not welcomed with kindness. Actually, they are moving targets.

Ep. 04 - Armor Life Lab

One more mission to recover the black box, another day for the defense for our brave soldiers to face a hostile situation.

Ep. 05 - Glágio do Brasil

Being precise is the guarantee to make it out alive. Vest, helmets, ballistic fabrics and plates form a great defense arsenal.

Ep. 06 - Tejidos Especiales

Only a few minutes to rescue the black box. We need someone who has effective protection against small arms and rifles.

Ep. 07 - WKR

Another scenario, the same mission: recover the black box. This time, agents must be discreet and quick to complete the task.

Ep. 08 - Comtec

In a corporate environment, an executive is a key person for this mission.